Located in Remington, Indiana Solid Rock Ag Solutions has been selling/installing/servicing Precision Planting products since 2004. At that time we also began working with Yetter and Martin for further optimizing our customer’s planters with row cleaners and additional residue management.  In 2010, we added the Richway line of fertilizer control systems to go along with our planter service business. In 2013 we added TruAG Seed Tenders and fuel transports to our lineup. We have since become dealers for 360 Yield Center, Crop Copter, and AgNext with the full systems approach of helping farmers find solutions to improve their operations. 

We also have began building our own custom planters for growers. Sourcing components from Harvest International and Precision Planting, we can build the planter of your dreams!


Our Mission Statement:

We strive to be the business farmers can confidently go to for trustworthy, knowledgeable support and resources which improve and add value to their operation. Our goal is to sell leading-edge Ag systems that we believe are the ultimate in production agriculture with the end result being increased yield and efficiency for our customers from planting to harvest.

We also put a large emphases on service, believing that if our customers can’t get the full potential out of the products they purchase we have not done our job.

We are a 4th generation farm family living on the Home Place, and have been farming full time since 1986. Visit our farm site Here. We are constantly striving to improve our production system so that we can help others do the same. To learn more, contact us at 219-261-4216 or info@solidrockag today!