360 Yield Center

360 Yield Center

 Capture the yield potential of your unique field by using 360 Yield Center’s

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360 Y-DropTM

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Y-drop is a product that we feel will be a game changer. 2 tubes dribble nitrogen right into the moisture that pools around the plants. The tubes guide the y-drop through the rows while a break-away spring allows for any obstructions you may run into. Why do we feel this makes sense? 3 reasons.

1. Flexibility

Using a high clearance sprayer (or even a pull type) you are drastically widening the window in which you can apply your N to your crop. Since you don’t have any coulter going into the ground you don’t have to worry about cutting roots. Not only does this open up your application window, but it allows you to spoon feed your crop with multiple applications throughout the season.

2. Speed

32 rows traveling at 10 mph with little to no maintenance, enough said. We’re not necessarily saying this is a replacement for conventional coulter side dressing (360 and some 3rd party companies are doing quite a bit of testing on this) but there is no question you will be able to walk across some major acres with this system

3. Efficiency

With Y-Drop, you are laying down your nitrogen right next to the plant so that evey bit of it is utilized. At Solid Rock, we are constantly trying to fine tune our inputs so we are making the most of every dollar we spend. We do not believe there is a much more efficient way to optimize your crops nitrogen needs than using Y-Drop in conjunction with Commander.

360 UnderCOVERTM

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UnderCover gives you the ability to apply fungicides, insecticides, and more to the inside canopy of a crop. Multidirectional nozzles target above, below, and all around the leaves.

360 SoilSCANTM

SoilScan is a unique soil testing tool that measures  the level of nitrates, and ph in your soil. Results are given in a matter of minutes. Soon it will support testing of ammonium, potassium and more! The app also has a built in recommendation which helps guide the farmer as to how much nutrient he needs to apply.

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