Precision Planting®


Precision Planting®

(Tremont, Illinois) contributes to better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems through proprietary meter components, MeterMax® meter calibration system, and Keeton® Seed Firmers. Our planter electronic systems give you new ways to manage your planter by understanding singulation, impact of speed, and down force.

20/20 SeedSense® –planter monitoring system

2020 SeedSense

The most advanced seed monitoring system on the market. This system monitors as well as records data for mapping and record keeping purposes. It tracks many critical aspects of your planter’s performance including:

  • Ability to track acres planted 3 different ways
  • Date planted
  • Down Pressure
  • GPS location
  • Ground contact
  • Hybrids planted
  • Population
  • Ride Quality
  • Singulation (skips & doubles)
  • Spacing
  • Speed
  • Vacuum/pressure
  • Liquid Fertilizer Pressure and Flow

20/20 RowFlow® – hydraulic drive and row clutch control

20/20 Rowflow

Controls hydraulic drives and row shut off clutches. Hydraulic drives allow variable rate seeding in order to place the correct population on the correct field management zones. 20/20 RowFlow will control any common hydraulic drive on the market. We are unique compared to the competition in that we shut off rows where there was actual seed detected traveling through the seed tube instead of where GPS said it was. This allows each individual row to plant exactly where seed has not been planted. Row shut off clutches conserve seed by not over or under planting end rows and point rows, as well as prevent barren stalks in those areas where the population would be doubled. 20/20 RowFlow will control any common clutch system on the market. Along with the row shut off controls, see the section on Richway starter control systems. This system ties into the row shut offs and shuts off the starter fertilizer at the same time as the seed is shut off, adding additional savings to your bottom line.

20/20 AirForce® – automatic down force control


Takes it a step further by automatically keeping the down force on the row units within their ultimate range, adjusting down force & up force automatically as you go to compensate for changes in soil types, field conditions, and seed/insecticide levels.

Precision Finger Meter

Precision Planting Finger Meter

  • PopMax™ II backing plate with adjustable brush
  • Precision Finger set
  • SkipStop™ cushion
  • SureFire® seed belt

20/20 YieldSense®



Information you can trust provided by a newly designed flow sensor, elevator chain and paddle with the 20/20 SeedSense® monitor and the FieldView® app on your Ipad.

eSet® – Vacuum Conversion Kits for JD Vac Planters

eSet Get the best accuracy possible by installing an eSet conversion kit to your existing JD vac planter. Disks are available for nearly any possible crop on the market today.

vSet™ – Vacuum meter upgrade for planters

Precision Planting vSet Precision-Planting-vSet-Chart

This is a completely new meter design from Precision Planting. This meter allows those planters to gain improved singulation, longer wear life, higher planting speeds, and greater seed flexibility. Having done thousands of tests on our test stand, Solid Rock Farms firmly believes that this is the best planter meter in the world. Above is a comparison chart that compares vSet to the other two Precision Planting Meters.

Keeton® Seed Firmers

Keeton Seed Firmers

  • Various types
  • Planters/drills
  • Fertilizer/insecticide/plain
  • Universal mount/Kinze mount/seed tube mount

Seed Tubes/Sensors


  • BullsEye® seed tube
  • Dickey John high rate sensor
  • WaveVision® sensor/seed tube combination



  • eFlow™ 80/20 mix for vac planters
  • Graphite for finger meters – 1# & 5#




CleanSweep™ lets you precisely control your row cleaners from the cab on the go. You can even lift and hold the row cleaners off the ground when not in use.

Wide Treader Wheels

Wide Treader Wheels

These extra wide (3 1/2”) aluminum treader wheels allow a floating row cleaner to have more down pressure without trenching or furrowing out the soil in from of the depth gauge wheels. These units are tailor made for Precision Planting’s CleanSweep system and will fit most floating row cleaners on the market.

FieldView™ and FieldView™ Plus


Recently, Precision Planting introduced FieldView™ Plus, giving growers the ability to sync planting data across multiple pieces of field equipment and multiple electronic devices. Now, automatic planter performance text alerts have been added to this cloud-based system.

Growers need to know what’s happening with the planter, even when they’re not in the cab. With text alerts via FieldView Plus, they do. They can set alert thresholds for metrics like speed, singulation, spacing, ground contact and excess down force. With each pass, the data is analyzed and a notification is sent to the grower of any exceptions. Growers who are not in the cab all the time get the information they need to address issues before it’s too late.

The metrics and alert thresholds can be set and changed through the FieldView website at any time, and multiple phone numbers can be notified. It’s easy to set up, easy to change and easy to keep your planting performance at the highest possible level.


Precision Planting Liquid Systems


vApply Is an implement wide liquid and granular control system. In the same way a hydraulic drive can control a complete planter population, vApply will control and monitor flow across the implement. Users will easily be able to run variable rate prescriptions or static rate.

vApply HD Brings this control to a row by row basis. No more need to be changing orifices to get your correct GPA as speed and flow changes.  This system will easily implement variable rate prescriptions and will shut off wherever the equipment has already been to keep from over applying. It will also incorporate turn compensation, and equally balance flow across the implement.

FlowSense™ Is a liquid monitoring system that will allow the ability to measure row by row liquid flow on an existing system.

FurrowJet Is an attachment that replaces a Gen 2 Keeton seed firmer. While firming the seed, it also applies fertilizer 3/4″ on either side of the seed. You will also be able to place a strip directly on top of the seed. Another added benefit to this product, is that the wings will gently fluff up the sidewalls of the seed trench, reducing the chances of sidewall compaction.