Software Updates

Browse this page to find everything you need for the latest software on your devices.

Latest Software Versions:

To check the version on your 2020, hit setup and it should display the version on the right hand side.


Update 2020 with flash drive

To update your monitor manually, download the link below to a flash drive, plug it into the side of the 2020, go to setup, data, and software update. (Make sure you don’t rename the file or put it in a folder.)



*Attention, Anyone going from an older update than 2016 must do the following:

  • Backup all field data
    • Either sync everything to the cloud by plugging your iPad into the 2020 and leaving it until cloudsync on FieldViews home screen stops spinning, or export your data to a thumb drive (Setup, Data, Export, Old Field Map Data, Transfer All.)
  • Delete all field data
    • Setup, Data, Delete, Old Field Map Data, Delete All
  • Import field data
    • After you are done updating, import the field map data back onto the 2020.

Gen 1 2017.4  (gen 1 has two USB plugins on the left side)  All software after 2018 is no longer available for the gen 1 monitors.

Gen 2 2018.0.1  (gen 2 has one USB plugin on the left side) 

Gen 2 16.8.1 (see below why you may want this update)

If for any reason your monitor is frozen or non functioning, or you need to flip from harvest to planting, download the correct link below to your flash drive. Make sure your 20/20 is completely shut down, plug the flash drive into the side, and turn your 20/20 back on. It should recognize the flash drive and automatically boot from the latest update.

Gen 1 Boot 

Gen 2 Boot


*Attention, anyone going to higher than version 6 FieldView software will loose all splitscreen functionality if not using FieldView Plus. If you are not on ios 10 and don’t wish to take advantage of the features in FieldView Plus, you may want to hold off on updating to ios 10, which will keep your fieldview app from updating as well. You will also need to download version 2016.8.1 above to your 2020. Keep in mind, this will remove functionality of vApply/Flowsense products and newer.

To check whether your FieldView App is on the latest version, go to the home screen, click settings, and click version info

To update your FieldView app, go to your app store, click on the bottom right where it says updates, and hit the update button to the right of the FieldView icon.


Update Through Fieldview

To update your 20/20 with your iPad, From FieldView, go to settings, devices and then software update.  Make sure that the monitor tab is correct (SeedSense or YieldSense), and then make sure the latest software is downloaded. Once it is downloaded, if the 20/20 is connected, it will start transferring to your 20/20. Once it is installed, the status will change to “Complete Install” if you press this button, it will restart your 20/20 monitor with the latest version.



iPad Operating System

If you’re are in mid season, it is always a good idea to give us a call and check if FieldView is ready for the latest iPad IOS update; but to check how current your iPad software is, go to your settings app, click general, and then click software updates.