Keep is Simple

When you install vDrive, each row on your planter is becoming a seperate planter with its own population control. vDrive is all about eliminating the use of high wear items. You can pull off all of your drive shafts, your chain drives, wheels, bearings, all of which wears and takes time to maintain. The vSet meters also have a much longer wear life that other meters. Put vDrive on your planter and your system will be practically maintenance free.

Advanced Row by Row Control

With each row having its own motor control, you can assign up to 4 different populations to any rows that you would like. If you want your male rows to plant lower population than the others, or if you want to do a population test across your whole field, possibilities are almost unlimited.

Turn Compensation

As your planting is turning around corners, your population can vary several thousand from one side of the planter as one side speeds up and the other slows down. vDrive uses a gyro which allows each motor adjusts so that you are always putting down the exact same population however your turn.