2020 SeedSense


20/20 SeedSense

The 2020 uses a simple color scheme to show you exactly what is going on through the field on your planter. Within any detail, green means good, yellow means something isn’t quite right, and red means bad. More advanced than any other monitor, this system lets you zero in on exactly what each seed is doing. Watch skips, doubles, singulation, spacing and population on all rows at the same time. Also, after putting downpressure sensors on your row units, this allows you to very easily monitor your downforce situation and adjust however needed. You can customize the screen however you want to show all of the information you would like to see so that you are spending less time switching through screens.

See the problem so you can fix it.

You can only fix a problem if you know it is occurring. With 2020, you are maximizing your understanding of what is happening, so that you save time and money troubleshooting the small things.

20/20 is the heart of the system

20/20 SeedSense is the foundation of the Precision Planting platform. It accurately captures every seed that goes into the ground and gives you incredible detail on, everything you need to know. Start with 2020 and open your eyes to what your planting is doing.