RK Gauge Wheel Arm Kits

At Solid Rock Ag, we are always fighting the gauge wheels on our planter during planting. They constantly want to work their way away from the opener disks and we have to adjust shims throughout the season. We finally got to the point where we were pulling all of the shims out and they still did not hug the disks like we like them to. We decided the to try the RK Gauge Wheel Arm Rebuild Kits in 2016. During this season, we did not have to tighten our gauge wheels a single time and they maintained pressure the entire season. The other nice thing is that because we were able to reuse our old arms instead of buying new ones, it was actually cheaper than buying new arms. We ended up liking them so much that we are now offering them to our customers.

The way that these kits work, is they offset the wear point on the gauge wheel arm. Standard planter units have all of the pressure on the pin coming out of the shank, but these use a tapered spring washer to put the pressure on the bolt instead. This keeps them centered on the shaft and causes very little wear.

These are compatible with all John Deere, Kinze, and White 5000/6000 series


RK Gauge Wheel Arm Kit Gauge Wheel RK RK