About Us

Located in Remington, Indiana Solid Rock Ag Solutions is a family operation that values high quality products and services. We been selling/installing/servicing Precision Planting® products since 2004. At that time we also began working with Yetter and Martin for further optimizing our customer’s planters with row cleaners and additional residue management. In 2013 we added TruAG Seed Tenders and fuel transports to our lineup. We have since become dealers for 360 Yield Center, RK Products, Ag Excel, Ram Mounts, Shoup, and CFC with the full systems approach of helping farmers increase our customer yields.

We achieved and continue to maintain Precision Planting’s Premier Dealer status – meaning we routinely complete the most comprehensive training offered on Precision Planting products and are an exclusive source for 20/20 AirForce®, RowFlow®, DeltaForce™, vDrive™ & YieldSense™ products. We also have began building our own custom planters for growers. Sourcing components from Harvest International and Precision Planting, we can build the planter of your dreams!

We offer Full Service – believing that a full service facility with a large parts inventory and continuing education/training seminars adds value for our customers.

If you want to be on our mailing list for workshops send us an email – info@solidrockag.com or give us a call at 219-261-4216.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Bruce, Jody & Mark Waibel


Our Team




Bruce Waibel

Bruce is the owner and general manager of Solid Rock Ag Solutions.


Jody Waibel

If it wasn’t for Jody our business would simply not function. Simple as that. she manages the book keeping and keeps everybody in check.


Mark Waibel

Co-Owner / Service Manager / Technician


Roger Lanning

Inventory Manager / Sales


Joe Dolby

Sales / Support


Craig Snider

Sales / Support