Furrow Cruiser Closing Wheels

Do you have constantly varying soil conditions that seem to react differently to you planter setup? FurrowCruiser by Copperhead Ag solves this problem beautifully.

Solution #1

Are you planting in tilled ground and worried that the aggressive wheels out there might dig up seed from the seed trench? Furrow Cruisers have a depth band which helps keep just the right amount of aggressiveness. 

Solution #2

Do you have no-till ground that you also plant and have a tough time closing the trench with rubber closing wheels? Furrow Cruisers do a wonderful job keeping the trench closed in the toughest conditions. 

At Solid Rock Farms, we have been trying to find a closing system that would seal our trench in all of the ground conditions we plant in. Closing wheels are a pain to swap out, so we needed something we could just forget about. FurrowCruisers have proved to be an excellent solution for this problem, and as a result we have become dealers for them. They continue to be our best selling closing system. 

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FurrowCruisers in No-Till at Solid Rock Farms