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Schaffert Manufacturing developed and patented of several no-till planter attachments and related-equipment.

Schaffert g2 fertilizer system

This revolutionary liquid application system of placing larger quantities of starters or Nitrogen fertilizers 2’’ to the side of the row with a single disc running 2’’ deep. This new 8’’ liquid disc system is placed behind the gauge wheel and in front of the press wheel of the planter, making it very compact. This eliminates finding room in front or behind the planter for much larger fertilizer units. By placing the liquid attachment behind the gauge wheel the planter will be able to maintain a much more uniform depth in uneven terrains.



Our customized, AgXcelerator Fertilizer Application Systems (AgX FAS) have everything you need to get up and running.

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The IH Fertilizer Disc, your best 2×2 solution, works for your high volume output.

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The Mohawk closing wheel.

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