SmartCore Soil Sampling

Soil sampling. Its how we decide what to put where and how much. Tens of thousands of dollars are on the line and we are making huge decisions based on this data. Unfortunately, this data is oftentimes taken from sub par soil testing data. Soil cores don’t always get filled completely causing inconsistent depth, human error is eminent, and even if you follow the gps points to a tee, plus or minus 20 feet is very likely. All of this makes for a sample that is inconsistent year to year. This makes it very difficult to keep track of how much your inputs are effecting your soil and where your fields need inputs the most. 

Solid Rock Ag. is excited to have partnered with AgNext for the ultimate soil sampling system. AgNext SmartCore is a revolutionary soil sampler which solves many of the problems farmers face with their sampling.

Auger Design

SmartCore uses a patent pending 24″ auger design that self cleans and ensures a well mixed consistent soil sample each time no matter what the ground condition.

Pinpoint GPS accuracy

SmartCore uses highly accurate repeatable RTX from Trimble to ensure sampling is taken from the same exact spot year after year. 

Eliminates Human Error and Fatigue

We all know at the end of a hot sweaty day of soil sampling, precision and accuracy tend to get left on the wayside. SmartCore is fully automated, so we drive it to your field, get out, and let it run. Every single sample is taken with the exact same precision as the previous one.


Time of year greatly impacts your sampling data. With SmartCore being able to sample 24/7, we can take efficiency to the next level and run exactly when your sample schedule says its time to roll.

Automatic Soil Sampling Automated Precision Soil Sampler Automated Soil Sampling

Troy entered SmartCore in the Successful Farmings Innovation Showcase and was one of two winners. Check it out here.


If you are interested in learning more, please let us know below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.